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Neil Armstrong







"That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind"

                                                            Neil Armstrong



     As an educator, I have been called upon to use my St. Johnís learning in many different ways.  I have engaged in numerous endeavors that could be spotlighted in this section.  I could list many staff developments Iíve designed and implemented over the

past three years.  I could also talk about the work of the task force and the revitalization efforts Iíve had the pleasure of leading at my church.  My community involvement is extensive and that could also go into this folio. St. Johnís has empowered me to reach for the stars with the knowledge it has imparted to me.  Individuals that surround me have benefited from this greatly. The projects covered here are but a fragment of what I carry away from this mission.  All that I come in contact with has benefited.  I thank you St. Johnís on behalf of these unsung heroes.


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