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Space, the final frontier...Our mission is to go where no one has ever gone before.


"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. "   

                                                                                        John Wooden

     This quote by the immortal coach, John Wooden could very well sum up this St. John’s program.  As we move toward the zenith of our program, our gratitude must go to all those that went before us.  The great minds that conceived and nourished the cohort concept that certainly allowed us to move forward at warp speed in order to view the apex in the distance.  Those pioneers from cohort I that dared to venture out into the unknowns of space and to those visionaries that dared to blast off and go for the outer limits as they worked outside their comfort zone.


     At the fueling stage of this program, there exist the theorists.  One cannot go forward without looking at conceptual framework and the body of work that has been generated because of it. 

     Debra Stone and her political paradox lead us down the road to power.  The belief here is that the quest for power is at the heart of all endeavors. Whether we are looking at our work or our personal lives, this power need seems to be a driving force.  Stone’s model of society was well covered.  Peruse the framework below to better understand the conceptual framework of this theorist.

Click the link below to view her model.

bulletStone's Model of Society


     Jim Collins' philosophy is at the heart of much of what is going on in the world today.  Whether we view our companies as gobbling up one another using the hedgehog principal or whether we are pushing “nay sayers” off the bus, Collins is embedded consciously or subconsciously in much that is going on.




     One special feature of the St. John’s program was the constant sharing of different models of research. The link below will display a qualitative research paper  that  assisted in solidifying that model of study for me.

bullet Qualitative Research Proposal

Click on the following link to assess a few ideas I have for a possible proposal


The link below shows a copy of my IRB certificate

bullet IRB Certificate



            Buzz AldrinBuzz Aldrin



All was ready. Everything had been done. Projects Mercury and Gemini. Seven years of Project Apollo. The work of more than 300,000 Americans. Six previous unmanned and manned Apollo flights. Planning, testing, analyzing, training. The time had come.

We had a great deal of confidence. We had confidence in our hardware: the Saturn rocket, the command module, and the lunar module. All flight segments had been flown on the earlier Apollo fights with the exception of the descent to and the accent from the Moon's surface and, of course, the exploration work on the surface. These portions were far from trivial, however, and we had concentrated our training on them. Months of simulation with our colleagues in the Mission Control Center had convinced us that they were ready.

Although confident, we were certainly not overconfident. In research and in exploration, the unexpected is always expected. We were not overly concerned with our safety, but we would not be surprised if a malfunction or an unforeseen occurrence prevented a successful lunar landing.

                               Excerpt from “The Eagle Has Landed"                                       By MICHAEL COLLINS


                                       EDWIN E. ALDRIN, JR

In the anvils of time, nothing stirs the imagination and soul as reading.  Growing up, travel was a luxury that did not visit the Moore household.  There was no motor vehicle and so our mode of transportation was by  foot.  Very early, however, we learned to visit many different places through books.  The adults in our home made sure we had library cards since the idea of home libraries did not exist.  It was through books that I experienced the world.

Click the link below to view my additional Readings.


bulletAdditional Readings

     With the advent of the space station, nations that were once at odds have discovered the advantages of working together in harmony.  This model clearly demonstrates that advances made by one will ultimately serve to benefit others.  St. John’s cohort educational model relies heavily on this concept.  Individual interests are important but do not take into account the many artifacts that solitary members may forget.  With the cohort model fueling stations exist within each group that causes the whole to be greater than the parts. The endless challenge of education will continue to boost individual as well as collective learning.  We are on the edge of weightlessness that only time and space can define.  The beacon of light of this incredible journey is on the horizon.  With the help of the almighty, a safe landing will surely occur.



The link below provides you with access to my program synthesis.

bulletProgram Synthesis

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