After School Advocacy

     It is virtually impossible for one to gaze upon the day or night sky and not ponder the vastness of space.  Likewise one cannot wonder if indeed we are the only life to breathe in this universe.  For the time being we must safe guard our future.  In order to do this, every effort must be made to keep our children from harm.

     After-school advocacy can be looked at as “if”.  Statistics no doubt will show that occupied children are at a lesser risk of finding trouble than those who are not engaged.  Advocacy Day is about bringing information to the public, soliciting community participation, securing a product from state legislatures, working with professionals, applying teachings, and supplying background and briefing materials.  This year, I was honored to be the “master of ceremony” for the culminating event that occurred in Albany. As you view the program agenda, you will notice that areas are highlighted in different colors.  These colors depict the areas of this folio, I feel were covered by this event.  You will also see links to other agencies that interact with the after-school initiatives.


Highlighted Color  


Public Information Writing


Community Participation


Legislative Products

Sky Blue with Black Text

Professional Participation


Teaching Applications

Blue with White Text

Background and Briefing Materials



Program Schedule


Education "An Endless Challenge"



Click on the following to view information on CASF which partners with TASC on many projects.

bulletCASF 2007 Agenda
bulletBenefits of CASF
bulletCASF Action Paper


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