Educational Philosophy


Education:  An endless challenge


            From the launching of my life, to the jettisoning of my kindergarten, elementary, high school, undergraduate, as well as graduate experience, the endless challenge has been present.  The rockets of life go up and come down based on the technology of the times.  Just as rocketry technology is constantly changing, education is also.  The endless challenge continues.     

            We are called upon as educators to help create a world for tomorrow.  With the elimination of many traditional jobs, the workforce we are preparing today must be able to think and adjust.  Many of the professions they will work in do not even exist today.

            Just as the early space pioneers knew how to catapult humans into space but did not have the knowledge to successfully return them to earth, so too are the gaps in our education.  As humans, we must constantly rejuvenate ourselves and practice continuous learning (Senge).  Education:  An endless challenge.  No truer statement exists. 

            My grandmother, Mama Annie, instilled this philosophy in me at a very early age.  We are called upon to make this world a better place for now as well as the future.  In our short time walking this earth, we must assist others in getting off the ground and gaining altitude so that they can successfully soar.  They must go into outer space and return safely and they must continue to acquire new knowledge.  Paraphrasing Debra Stone - The endless challenge continues.







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